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Issues that need to be paid attention to when installing the extruder melt pump

The melt pump is mainly used in conjunction with the extruder and is an indispensable equipment for the rubber and plastic production line. The main function of the extruder melt pump is to pressurize, stabilize and meter the high-temperature polymer melt, and provide the necessary equipment for subsequent molds. Provide pressure-stable, quantitative polymer melt. For the installation of the extruder melt pump, the following points of attention are summarized.

1. When lifting the extruder melt pump of ZB-100CC or above series, lifting eye screws should be used.

2. Before installation, check whether all parts of the equipment are ready and whether there are any parts that have not been received.

3. Prepare the steel frame platform for installing the extruder melt pump. After the steel frame platform pump body is installed, it must be fixed on the ground or other reliable mechanisms with expansion bolts to ensure that the extruder melt pump does not rotate when it rotates. Due to excessive torque, the platform flips over, causing a safety accident.

4. The melt pump shaft of the extruder rotates clockwise during operation to determine the outlet and inlet, or you can look at the rotation direction stamp on the melt pump. After the extruder melt pump is installed in place, tighten the bolts and connect the left and right. The flange on the side connecting the inlet and outlet. After fixing the extruder melt pump, you can use a universal coupling to connect the pump shaft and the reducer. (Note: The correct direction of rotation of the pump shaft should be ensured, otherwise the input shaft will break and the pump body will be damaged)

5. The base on which the extruder melt pump is installed must be flat and have sufficient strength and rigidity. Before installation, use a measuring tool to check and adjust the concentricity of the pump base and the motor drive shaft. When the anchor bolts are tightened evenly, it should be ensured that the input shaft can rotate evenly without jamming.

6. The installation error of the universal coupling should not exceed its allowable deviation value, which should be less than 3 degrees. To avoid causing additional force and shortening the life of the shaft.

7. After the pump body of the extruder melt pump is installed, correctly install the front and rear pressure sensors and temperature sensors. When installing and tightening the pressure sensor, do not use excessive torque to avoid damaging the sensor.

8. After the installation is completed, you must check whether there is lubricating oil in the reducer before leaving the factory. If there is no lubricating oil, you must add lubricating oil before starting the pump to avoid damage to the gears due to lack of lubrication in the reducer. The melt pump lubrication system needs to use the transported material as lubricant, so it is strictly prohibited to idle for a long time without material.

9. For melt pumps that use packing seals, the position of the sealing gland should be adjusted in time to ensure the best sealing condition. For pumps that use other forms of sealing, the sealing assembly should be checked frequently and wearing parts should be replaced in time.



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