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How to choose a melt pump for plastic extrusion line

Zhengzhou Gurnay Machinery, as a manufacturer of melt pump, mainly provides melt transportation, addition and metering solutions for users in the rubber and plastic extrusion industry. Before helping the customer choose a suitable melt pump, we need to know and confirm the following working condition information with the customer.
1. The equipment used by customers, generally speaking, the equipment used by customers are extruders, reaction still/reactor, rubber extruders, equipment in the chemical fiber industry, etc.

2. The materials used by customers, material viscosity and temperature requirement.

3. The production line pressure.

4. Output of production line

 The advantages of melt pump on rubber and plastic extrusion production line

1. Stable output pressure;

2. Improve product quality;

3. Increase extrusion output;

4. Reduce unit energy consumption;

5. Prolong the life of the whole machine.



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