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About us

Zhengzhou Gurnay machinery Co., Ltd, located in Zhengzhou, Henan, China;  is a professional manufacture of kinds of extrusion equipment, packaging and measuring machine, such as melt pump, screen changer, feeding system, particle and liquid packaging quantitative machine, packing measuring equipment, and so on.

Gurnay machinery is committed to maintaining and improving its products quality and technology. Having a decade of domestic and export experience, according to different customers’ various using requirement, we do customer information management in file to meet their machining features requirement. With leading technology and research equipment, we built strict quality control system to reach higher product superiority. Then Gurnay offers the good performance machinery, good delivery cycle, attentive sales and after-sales service.

Machinery:  extrusion equipment--melt pump, screen changer, feeding system; quantitative packaging machinery for particle, powder, liquid, paste,etc.



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