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Plate quick screen changer

Plate quick screen changer is composed of screen changer main body, skateboard, high temperature oil cylinder, mesh block, heater, etc. Sealing parts are made of special alloy steel, after quenching and tempering, nitriding, fine grinding and other processes. It can quickly switch the filter screen in 0.2 seconds, fast screen change, small material flow change, no leakage, high pressure resistance, large filtration area, simple operation, fast sreen change, high anti-wear, high pressure resistance, high precision filter design,improve effective area and filter quliaty.  It is mainly used in the fields of pipe, blow molding, casting film, granulation, plate, sheet and so on. The screen size of the screen changer covers 70-300mm to meet the needs of large and small extrusion production lines. 

1.Granulation production line(PP PE PET PA and other polymer materials)
2.Thin film production line (PET CPE BOPP PE HDPE)
3.Sheet and plate production line (PE PET)
4.Packing tape production line(PP PET material)
5.Production of hollow products



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