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Screen changer application on PET PP spray melt nonwovens fabric

Production process characteristics of PET PP spray Melt Nonwovens fabric.

High pressure, high output, serious shutdown loss, spray melting into fiber, broken wire and air bubbles cause product quality defects. The fluctuation of solution pressure is easy to cause cut-off or shutdown, the process of the production line is long, and the degree of automation is high. 

So choose a suitable type screen changer for the PET PP spray melt nonwovens fabric, that is important. Usully according to the characteristics of production, we suggest using continuous type screen changer to reduce shutdown and material loss.

Our special  screen changer is mainly equipped with non-woven equipment for many years, the technology is mature, the quality is stable, it can realize integrated design, optimize equipment space and energy consumption to realize non-stop net-changing operation.



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