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Applicable materials, flow range, and working speed of the melt pump

melt pumps can provide accurate, stable and reliable fluid metering for virtually all polymers used in the plastics industry, including: polyester, polypropylene, nylon, acrylic, cellulose, spandex and many specialty fibers.

The materials processed by the melt pump include: polypropylene 、hot melt adhesive 、 fluoropolymer 、polysulfone 、 polyester、cellulose PC, PUR, PEEK, HIPS, ABS, LLDPE, PS, PA, PVA, PVB, TPES, HDPE, PB, PET, SAN, PIB and others.

The melt pump is an ideal device for the following processes: films, profiles, cables, pipes | chemical fibers, sheets, composite extrusion, non-woven fabrics, coatings, granulation, etc.

Melt pump flow range: 0.1CC, 0.5CC, 1CC, 2CC, 5CC, 10CC, 20CC, 31.5CC, 50CC, 100CC, 150CC, 200CC, 315CC, 500CC, 800CC, 1200CC, 2500CC, 3200CC, 4000CC, 6100CC, 8500CC , 12000CC (ml/rev).

Melt pump operating speed: depends on the parameters of the production process.

Melt pumps can:
1. Improve melt pressure stability
2. Control the quality of molten material
3. Increase production
4. Reduce the use of raw materials
5. Eliminate impact and screw vibration
6. Adopt crown gear root gear design
7. Simplified operation and startup process
8. Extend the service life of the extruder
9. Reduce operating costs.



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