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Laser melt filter

The laser melt filter automatically separates unwanted foreign particles such as paper, rubber, wood, and unmelted plastic from the plastic without the need for human intervention, and discharges the contaminants.

Due to its significant reduction in pollutant emissions and minimal loss of melted material, the recycling sector offers remarkable ease and profitability to manufacturers.

In traditional filtration setups; during the processing of industrial paper waste plastics, the interval for replacing filters typically ranges from 3 to 5 minutes. However, with the utilization of laser disk filters, this timeframe extends to 1 week, a month, or even longer, eliminating the necessity for frequent replacements. This advanced technology delivers exceptional efficiency, enabling extruders to operate at peak capacity.
Gurnay laser melt filters can easily connect to various recycling extruders; models are available to suit customer capacity.

Technical and Economic Benefits 
Elimination of frequent mesh filter replacements! 
Operator-free filter changes! 
Minimized contamination discharge with maximum preservation of melted material
 Reduced melt loss, eliminating tons of plastic waste annually! 
Consistently high-quality clean granules 
Enhanced product luminosity through flawless filtration
Optimization of extruder performance to its maximum capacity 
Enhanced energy efficiency

Profitability in Every Aspect 
Flexibility for filtration with hole diameters of 150, 200, 300, and 350 µm Elimination of paper, wood, dust, rubber/silicone, polyester, molten particles, and black specks resulting from degradation from the polymer



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