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The extruder Gear Pump functions

The extruder Gear Pump /melt pump functions as a positive displacement mechanism, delivering consistent output across a broad spectrum of operational parameters.

A closed-loop drive control adjusts the speed of the extruder screw to ensure a consistent supply of polymer to the pump, compensating for fluctuations in inlet pressure caused by extruder surge and screw beat. The precise design of Gear Pumps ensures highly accurate volumetric metering. Each gear tooth "bucket" reliably transports a consistent volume of polymer melt to the output side of the pump.

Install a melt pump downstream of the screen changer to enhance the productivity of the extrusion process even further.

You can acquire extruder gear pumps, adapters, controllers, drive systems, mounting platforms, various types of screen changers, and diverter valves as a comprehensive package.



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