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Melt Pump: Solution for Thickness Variation

Thickness variation in thin products like films, profiles, tubes, and sheets leads to resource waste and raw material loss. The problem can be categorized into:
Pre-Die Problems
These relate to inconsistent polymer behavior due to:
•Irreproducible batch quality
•Unstable extrusion parameters: pressure, temperature, load, speed
Post-Die Problems
These are easier to identify and address, typically involving:
•Uncorrelated forces between output and attraction
•Issues with parallelism
Solution: Gear melt pump
A gear melt pump can neutralize pre-die issues, allowing separate management of post-die problems. This approach is more efficient and cost-effective.
Benefits of a Gear Melt Pump
•Pressure Transfer: Reduces screw-barrel torque, auto-heating, and energy consumption.
•Increased Production: Boosts flow and production.
•Pulsation Elimination: Stabilizes pressure and flow.
•Dimensional Accuracy: Improves accuracy and appearance.
•Reduced Scrap: Lowers scrap production.
•Improved Quality: Ensures better homogeneity and pellet size control.
•Temperature Control: Enhances temperature regulation.
•Production Flexibility: Shortens start-up times.
Using a gear melt pump improves product quality, efficiency, and cost savings.

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