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What an extruder gear pump/melt pump do for plastic extrusion line?

Extruder gear pump/melt pump suitable for the production of :

* Blown or cast films

* Flat sheet

* Pipes and profiles

* Cable coating

* Medical tubes

* Non-woven fabrics


1. Extrusion melt pump almost totally eliminate the pressure variation from head, can control gauge precisely, pumping polymer efficiency.

2. Reduce the die head inlet pressure swings. Melt pump keep constant volumetric output (cc/rev), so the die head can have accurate, repeatable dimension across the die profile, maintaining the product uniformity.

3. Boost your extruder’s output---by lowering extruder back pressure. Yields more saleable product and much less scrap.

4. Cut the scrap

5. Lower product cost—save material due to tighter tolerance extrusion.

6. Increase the life time of extruder components

7. Save energy



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