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The rotary scraper type screen changer/melt filter

The rotary scraper type screen changer also called no net die head, melt filter, filamentless filter, messless die.It has a high-precision super wear-resistant alloy steel conical filter sleeve, and the filter sleeve is provided with an anti-blocking unidirectional melt filter micropore made of high-precision machining equipment, which plays a key role in allowing molten plastic to pass through and blocking impurities. In addition, the filtration system is equipped with an impurity removal scraper running synchronously. When working, the melt plastic passes through the fine hole, and the impurities and the stolen goods are left on the inner wall of the filter sleeve. The impurity is removed by the impurity removal scraper at a speed of 3-5 revolutions per minute and pushed to the impurity storage cavity at a uniform speed through the impurity removal screw. In the process, as impurities are pushed into the storage chamber, some useful plastics will automatically return to the filter sleeve with the increase of the pressure of the storage chamber, so as to achieve the purpose of continuous reciprocating filtration. After the impurity pairs in the storage chamber are sent to a certain number, the slag discharge device will automatically eliminate the impurities, so as to achieve the function of uninterrupted automatic slag discharge without filter.

So whether in terms of operation, energy saving, loss, and increasing production, the rotary scraper type screen changer is the right choice for granulation.



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