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Continuous screen changer for plastic plate and sheet production

 Because of long production process of plastic plate and sheet, when changing screen, if the production interruption will be very troublesome and wasteful. And in the view of this working condition, the stability requirement of changing net is high. The net changer equipment is composed of the main body of double piston screen changer, the skateboard, the high temperature oil cylinder, the heater and so on. The sealing parts are made of special alloy steel, which is specially processed by many processes, such as quenching and tempering, nitrding, fine grinding, etc., and adopts special flow channel design and stabilizing structure. So this changer equipment can realize no stop, no leakage, and no interrupt production, less waste, save time and labor and cost.

 The state of production time

 The main cavity of the heated screen changer is composed of two filter plungers, each with a filter chamber. The melt flow is divided into two strands into the filter chamber and is guided into each of the two filter chambers.


 Changing net

 When it is necessary to change the screen to reach the set pressure, a plunger will be moved out of the main cavity, so that the filter room will reach the position of changing screen/net, then the dirty screen will be removed and replaced with a new one. During the screen change, the filter cavity of the other piston is kept in the production position and the melt flow will be not interrupted. And now 50% of the filtration area can still be used for filtering. Due to the use of special exhaust procedures, after changing the net, the air will not enter the technological process.



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