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Introduction of biodegradable melt pump

Introduction of biodegradable melt pump

The biodegradable melt pump is used in conjunction with the reactor for the transportation and metering PLA melt. The PLA bottom pump is designed with large flange at the suction inlet, which can complete the transportation of polymer materials under vacuum reaction conditions. PLA resin, also known as polylactic acid, is a polyester polymer polymerized with lactic acid as the main raw material, and it is a new type of biodegradable material.

Characteristic of biodegradable melt pump

1. The pulsation of pressure and flow is small, which can realize the near linear output of flow and is easy to control.

2. PLA bottom pump has a good self-priming performance, which can be used in vacuum inlet.

3. PLA resin kettle bottom pump has the advantages of precision structure, high precision and long service life.



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