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Why is a Plastic Screen Changer Needed in the Plastic Manufacturing Process?

The screen changer is an essential component in almost all plastic extruders used to filter impurities. This is especially true in the field of recycling and utilization of waste plastics, where it is an indispensable device. It plays a crucial role in increasing equipment production efficiency, reducing labor intensity and safety incidents for workers, and enhancing the level of automation in equipment.

Plastic processing, also known as plastic molding processing, encompasses various processes for transforming synthetic resins or plastics into plastic products. It is a significant sector within the plastic industry. Plastic processing typically involves activities such as plastic compounding, molding, machining, joining, finishing, and assembly. The last four processes occur after the plastic has been shaped into a final product or semi-finished product, and they are collectively referred to as secondary plastic processing.

So, why is a plastic screen changer needed in the plastic production process? I will provide a brief explanation below:

Use of recycled and scrap materials: The use of a screen changer can expand production capacity, reduce costs, increase efficiency, enhance profitability, and boost profits when using recycled materials and scrap. The continuous screen changer is indispensable in such cases.

Manufacturing with virgin materials: Using a screen changer during the manufacturing of virgin materials can improve the plasticity and homogeneity of the melt. It also serves as a necessary quality assurance measure. While virgin materials typically have fewer impurities, factors such as environmental contaminants, impurities introduced during transportation, and those generated during work processes can still affect the material. Thus, adding a screen changer is necessary to ensure product quality.

Function of the screen changer: Also known as a screen filter changer, its primary function is to filter impurities in the melt by passing it through a filtering screen at the filtering station. When impurities accumulate to a certain level, the screen can be changed directly without stopping or reducing the extruder's speed. This helps improve production efficiency and achieve energy savings and consumption reduction goals.

The above points explain why plastic screen changers are used in the plastic production process. We hope this information is helpful. If you are interested in purchasing a screen changer, please feel free to contact us. We welcome inquiries from everyone.



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