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How to Choose a Screen Changer

screen changers are auxiliary equipment in extrusion production lines. There are no national standards or industry standards for screen changers, and the specifications and models vary among manufacturers, leading to a wide range of prices. To select a suitable screen changer, as a user, you need to have a clear understanding of your needs. Please consider the following points:

Fully consider the basic characteristics of your raw materials. Different materials have varying melting points, melt indices, corrosiveness, and flowability, which naturally result in different requirements for screen changers.

Consider whether you are using virgin materials or recycled materials. If using recycled materials, what is the impurity ratio? What filter screen area does the equipment manufacturer recommend?

Take into account the specific products you are manufacturing. Different products have different requirements for production continuity. For example, for strand pelletizing, it is essential to avoid strand breakage, while producing cast films demands minimal pressure fluctuations during screen changes. Your choice should align with your specific production and processing needs.

Consider whether your extruder is a single-screw or twin-screw type and its model and specifications. In general, the filter screen diameter should not be smaller than the screw diameter.

Consider the production capacity of your extruder in kilograms per hour. You should strike a balance, avoiding over-sizing, which wastes capital, or under-sizing, which can reduce the lifespan of the main extruder and increase screen change frequency. Finding the right fit is crucial.

Know the maximum pressure of the material flow in Mpa. Ignoring this factor can lead to issues like material leakage or difficulty in screen changing.

Configuring a screen changer should align with the user's specific needs. It should be a suitable choice, not necessarily pursuing high aesthetics or a full range of features, but also not solely aiming to cut costs.



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