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What are the advantages of high temperature melt pump

There are many types of pumps, but they are basically used to provide power for transporting materials, but what kind of function is the high-temperature melt pump used in various plastic product production lines?

1. The high temperature melt pump can transport medium with high concentration, no particles or fine particles, which are difficult for other pumps, but the high temperature melt pump is very easy.

2. Maintenance is particularly convenient. The bearing chamber of the high-temperature melt pump is enlarged, and the bearing part of the high-temperature melt pump is an integral part. In this case, the entire sealing chamber can be removed by tightening the screws. The maintenance process is simple like this, saves time and makes maintenance easier.

3. The gap at the tail of the high temperature melt pump gear can be changed. In this way, the gap at the tail of the high-concentration pump gear can be changed according to the concentration of the substance being transported. This is convenient, which is great for transporting media.



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