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Accurate Metering of High Temperature Melt Pumps

Starting from the optimal design of the plastic extrusion production line, we are no strangers to the fluid delivery function of the high-temperature melt pump, but its precise measurement of materials and stable pressure control are the essence. Usually there are many unstable factors in the extrusion process, such as the unevenness of material feeding, the fluctuation of barrel and die temperature, the pulsation of screw speed, etc. These phenomena are likely to cause system fluctuations. At this time, the measurement of the high temperature melt pump is ready to emerge, becoming an important factor in maintaining stability.

During the whole working process of the high temperature melt pump, the gear is the core part. Therefore, the material selection and precision of the gear must be strictly controlled. In addition, the temperature control principle of the high-temperature melt gear pump, the hardness of the shaft and bearing, and the machining accuracy of the pump directly affect the performance of the pump in work. Therefore, only by fully controlling the precision machining can we manufacture high-precision high-temperature melt body pump.



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