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What is no mesh melt filter screen changer

No need to change the net? Is it really that amazing? no mesh melt filter screen changer is a revolutionary product in plastic extrusion industry. The no mesh melt filter screen changer increases the maneuverability of plastic extrusion equipment, reduces the cost of labor, electricity and raw materials, and reduces the error rate.

The technology of no mesh melt filter screen changer:
1. Using 40CR forging material (most colleagues use 4mm steel), after rough processing, quenching and tempering treatment, processing molding, small thermal deformation.
2. The key components of the supporting porous plate are made of 42CRMO forging material (most of the peers are made of 420 steel). The heat treatment process is complete, and the high temperature deformation is small in the long-term high temperature environment, which ensures the service life of the rotor and filter plate.
3. The filter screen plate adopts tapered holes (trapezoidal holes are used in most peers), which is not easy to plug, has less material storage, is easy to clean and has less deformation after cleaning.

Technical performance of no mesh melt filter screen changer:

1. The rotor tool head of the automatic slag discharge machine adopts German H13 material, which has good wear resistance, cemented carbide welding, strong and firm, not easy to fall off.

2. The filter screen plate and the slag removal rotor are precisely ground by plane grinding to ensure the fitting accuracy and prolong the service life.
3. The super hinged opening mode is adopted, which is convenient and fast, and saves the time of opening and cleaning. It takes only 1 hour for skilled workers to replace the filter plate and the slag removal rotor.



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