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water pipe producer's using melt pump

Made some important upgrades to water pipe extrusion process by adding a melt pump. By using the melt pump to create pressure instead of relying solely on the extruder, we are able to reduce the load on key components such as thrust bearings, extruder screws, and grooved feed sections. This leads to significant cost savings as these components will last much longer, potentially doubling their lifespan.
Another benefit of using a melt pump is the energy savings that can be achieved. The horsepower required for the melt pump is less than that required for the extruder feed, resulting in a small but consistent reduction in energy usage.
And also we noted that using the melt pump results in lower melt temperatures, which can be beneficial in reducing heat-related issues in the process. Finally, we have found that the gear pump provides a more consistent feed compared to the gravimetric weigh hopper. Overall, these changes have resulted in improved process efficiency and cost savings for our company.



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