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The Role and Advantages of Melt Gear Pump in Extrusion Systems

The melt gear pump, also referred to as a melt pump, plays a crucial role in various extrusion industries, including the processing of plastics, rubber, elastomers, and other materials. These industries encompass applications such as pipe manufacturing, sheet extrusion, film production, granulation, compounding, cable extrusion, and precision extrusion.

The primary functions of incorporating a melt gear pump into the extrusion system include:
Pressure Adjustment: The melt gear pump is typically installed between the extruder and the die. By regulating the pump's speed to adjust pressure, it facilitates pressurization or stabilization. This adjustment significantly enhances the stability of the die head pressure, leading to a marked improvement in the quality of the manufactured products.

Linear Flow Output: The melt gear pump enables near-linear output of flow, providing ease of control over the extrusion process.

Reduced Screw Pressure Requirements: The addition of a melt gear pump in the extrusion system can lower the demands on screw pressure. This, in turn, reduces the load on the extruder, resulting in energy savings and cost reduction for the user.

Increased Production Yield: The inclusion of a melt gear pump contributes to the augmentation of extrusion output, effectively boosting the overall production yield of the system.

In summary, the melt gear pump is a key component that brings about improvements in pressure stability, flow control, energy efficiency, and production output within extrusion systems across various industries.



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