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  • Loss-in-Weight Feeder
Loss-in-Weight FeederLoss-in-Weight Feeder

Loss-in-Weight Feeder

  • Feeding system
  • High feeding precision
  • Gravimetric feeding
  • PLC control
  • Product description: Loss-in-Weight Feeder is a continuous gravimetric feeding system.

Loss in weight feeder/Gravimetric feeder/Feeding system

Feeding machine or feeder is a device that can ensure the continuous and uniform feeding of materials, which is suitable for all kinds of particles, powders, additives, auxiliaries and so on.

Feeder classification

According to the different requirements of feeding precision, the feeder can be divided into volume feeder and loss in weight feeder or called gravimetric feeder.

According the degree of material flow, the feeder also can be divided into twin screw feeder and single screw feeder.

Under the condition that the packing density of material is uniform and the quality of the final product is not harsh on the feeding accuracy, the volumetric feeder provides a low-cost and simple feeding scheme for the application of continuous and intermittent feeding.

The volumetric feeder have two types, single screw feeder and twin screw feeder.

Twin screw volumetric feeder is widely used for all kinds of materials, including powder, fiber and flake materials with poor fluidity.

The volumetric feeder, all the parts in contact with materials are made of stainless steel, and feeder is easy to clean and replace parts. Equipped with horizontal stirring to improve the flow of material to the screw, then the feeding is more accurate. For poor mobility materials that are easy to bridge, there will be equipped with vertical mixing.  The advanced screw design is easy to install and disassemble and the root of the screw will not accumulate material.

The loss in weight feeder adopts a fully closed circular weighing table, which provides users with single or double feedback and double closed loop control feeding technology. This can eliminates the problems such as PLC signal acquisition lag, slow running speed and poor anti-interference performance, and increase speed feedback, then the feeding accuracy and stability will be higher.

The loss in weight feeders are widely used in chemical industry, engineering plastics, cable, food, medicine, building material and other fields. The feeding range can reach 5-4000L/hr, and the feeding capacity can choose different screws and feeding methods according to the material character, and the accuracy can reach ±0.2%.

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