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  • Shredder Machine 1111
Shredder Machine 1111

Shredder Machine 1111

  • plastic shredder machine
  • metal shredder machine
  • grabage shredder machine
  • electronics shredder machine
  • Product description: Shredder Machine for plastic, metal, grabage,electronics, paper,etc.

Shredder machine

Shredder machine is an equipment for tearing up kinds of products.

The materials  suitable for shredder machine crushing are as follows:

Bucket products: plastic, metal, paint, IBC, garbage cans.

Garbage: household garbage, medical waste, kitchen garbage, industrial waste, garden waste.

Plastic products: plastic bottles, plastic frames, plastic blocks, plastic cans.

Metal products: aluminum profiles, oil filters, automotive housing, cans, metal cans, wire rope.

Paper : newspaper, cardboard, corrugated paper, copy paper.

Electronics : refrigerator, circuit board, laptop case, TV case, CD disc.

Glass products: glass wool, glass glasses, glass bottles.

Working principle of shredder machine

The shredder machine is composed of shredding mechanism, bracket, recycling bin and puller. The dimension of equipment is determined by the material size and material handing capacity. In the inner part of shredder machine, there is a filter net device, at normal working time, which can separate the material and the other things we don’t need. For example, at crushing gasoline bottles,   effective separation and recovery residual gasoline .

Characteristics :

1. The moving knife takes DC53 material, the fixed knife with D2 material

2. Main electrical components taking Siemens and Schneider brands.

3. Take PLC control system, including rotor speed change start, stop and reverse characteristics.

4. Automatic reverse sensors protect  machines from overload and gridlock.

5. The design adopts the split bearing technology, which can quickly and effectively replace the blade.

6. Wear-resistant special designed rotors.

7. The cutter needs to be replaced only after it has been rotated 4 times, which reduces the running cost and downtime.

8. Extremely flexible machines can handle a wide variety of materials.

9. Multiple protection of machinery and electrical appliances, accord with CE standard of European Union.

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